Mothering, behind the scenes. 

No, it’s not Mother’s Day, but I found myself thinking recently about what makes a good mother. What does it look like? Being a mother myself I’m often plagued by what I suspect many before me, and running along side me, have been - how am I doing? Am I getting it right? How profoundly and interminably am I messing up my children? According to Donald Winnicott, what you have to be is a “good-enough” mother. Good enough?! Who wants to be just good enough?! A very wise woman and confident once shared her understanding of this with me and it resonated with me deeply. Being a good mother doesn’t mean being an uber mom. Being a good mother doesn’t mean always getting it right or always being there. Being a good mother is giving your child the feeling that you are there for them when they need you. It’s about giving them the understanding that they are loved, unconditionally … and by all means, it’s corralling them and licking their hair down for Picture Day.

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